Hooked like A Fish!

Social media companies want us! By saying that social media companies want us, I’m really trying to say that what they really want is our business. The movie Media History: The story of film, TV, and media explained that the popularity of social media was due to commercial drive. It was all about businesses using mass media in order to make a profit.

Let’s face it, businesses do a great job of capturing our attention by using media. I know that one of the main reasons that Americans watch the Super Bowl is to check out the hilarious and clever commercials. Businesses know that if you’re sitting on

your couch watching TV and you see a hot, delicious sandwich on the screen, you’re going to get hungry and probably have a craving for their product. It’s a smart strategy that seems to work every time.

Strategies like this don’t only apply to TV commercials, they apply to every type of media and have since the beginning of mass media. Long before the radio was even invented, businesses used newspapers to advertise their products. Tradesmen used print ads to let the buyers know what kind of services and goods they had to offer and at what price. Even neighboring towns had ads to let the surrounding community know of upcoming events. Communication and what information we were exposed to changed drastically.

This change in exposure has never stopped evolving. In the movie, made in 1998, one of the commentators mentioned that it is not impossible to think that one day we could have the internet, TV, and advertisements in the palm of our hand. Flash forward to present day, we have smart phones that have just about every type of function that you

could possibly think about. This has created an ideal situation for advertisers. They’re with us 24/7 not only are they everywhere we look, they’re in the palm of our hands. Businesses can advertise their products to us anytime of day, anywhere, and using all kinds of mediums. This exposure has us hooked on their products and they know it!


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