Media Mental Breakdown

I feel like I’m going insane! In this day and age it is almost impossible to go without any kind of media for two whole days! While the majority of my exposure to media is completely voluntary, I realized that there is a good portion of media that I’m exposed to that is involuntary. It’s hard to avoid glancing at posters that line the halls of the dorms as I’m passing by. It’s also hard to stay away from media when you’re a Mass Communications major and a good portion of your grade depends on staying connected.

In the modern school setting, many teachers use e-mail, Blackboard, or other websites to stay connected with students, remind them of upcoming assignments, and to make announcements. In every single one of my classes I would fall behind if I went much longer than two days without access to various accounts. I would forget that we were meeting in the library for a class period or miss an announcement that we need to bring our books to class.

For fear of missing an important e-mail or announcement like the ones mentioned above, I was not very successful with avoiding media. Not only that, but my days were so boring! We live in a society that is very depend on media for entertainment. When charting my media usage for my Media Use blog, I realized that I used media for about 90% of my waking hours. I use it to keep up on news, my favorite TV shows and to listen to music.

Going without music is what was REALLY driving me insane. It is almost impossible for me to go to the gym and not listen to music. Exercising is something that I enjoy doing, but it’s only enjoyable for me if I can focus on a TV or a song from my iPod rather than my escalating heart rate. This made me realize how dependent on media I am in order to even do simple tasks and other activities I enjoy.

I know that it’s not just me that is dependent on media, many others are dependent on it too. Some more so than others. Many have tried to avoid media and failed. In present day it is so hard to avoid media without feeling bored, like you’re missing something, or like you’re out of the loop.


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