Sleeping with the Enemy

Media never sleeps and it’s everywhere! From the moment we wake up till we lay back down at night, we are exposed to all kinds of media. Some of us are even sleeping with our cellphones and other media devices in our hands! Whether the radio wakes you up or your cellphone alarm does, media and electronic device are what begins your day.

I wake up in the morning to the alarm on my phone, check my e-mail, check various

social networking sites, and pass multiple posters in the hallway of my dorm before I’ve even brushed my teeth! Until I was asked to be aware of the media around me I had no idea that I was even being exposed to media in certain aspects of my life. I realized that I could still recognize what products were being advertised on a billboard that I hadn’t even paid attention to. Whether we’re using certain products or not, most people can still identify logos and slogans of certain brands.

This identification is great for companies and advertisers! Pretend you have never had to buy any kind of cleaning product and never paid much attention to any advertisements for them because it was irrelevant. Now, pretend that you’ve bought your first home and its beginning to get dirty, all of a sudden you remember a cute little Swiffer ad featuring a piece of “dirt” wondering if love will ever come their way. Brands use mass media to get their names out there whether we pay attention to it or not. They use slogans and catchy advertisements to get you to buy their products or at least remember their product in the hopes that one day you’ll need it. Brands are all hoping that they’ll have the catchiest and most recognized name in their products field.

Being the most recognized really helps to put them ahead of the competition. Other ways that brands put themselves ahead of the competition is by being aggressive. Instead of waiting for a consumer to turn on the TV or radio to receive their ad, they’re sending ads directly to the consumer’s phone. One of the newest ways companies are reaching consumers is advertising through mobile devices. I never thought that this applied to me because I don’t have a smart phone or even a phone that access the internet, but it does. I am an American Eagle rewards member and one day I got a text message from a strange number, as it turns out it was them notifying me of a sale that was going on that weekend. Pretty soon, we will all be getting ads sent directly to our phones just like we get spam sent to our e-mails. Even magazines and TV are becoming more about ads and less about actual content.

This bombardment of ads exposes consumers to products. More often than not we choose brands we recognize over ones that we don’t recognize. This influences what we wear, what we eat, and what products we use. Proving that our media habits heavily influences the choices that we make in day to day life.


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