Shah Sensation!

Whenever I’m home, Bravo is my go-to station if “nothings on TV.” They always have some type of drama filled reality show that captures my attention and this weekend it happened to be Shahs of Sunset. The show follows a group of rich, Persian friends who like to shop, party, and, of course, argue. During a commercial break the booming voice of Bravo’s announcer said “For more Shahs of Sunset go to” I said “Why not?” and pulled the show’s website up on my laptop.

After typing in the URL, I’m taken to the shows homepage on the website. At the top of the page are tabs for other features on Bravo’s website followed by an advertisement for Target right underneath of it. These things aren’t as noticeable as the Shahs of Sunset logo with a small picture of the cast right next to it and ‘Every Sun 10/9c’ staring right at me. Right under that is a large purple box that alternates what feature of the site it’s advertising every 5 seconds. As you scroll down the page you also see headlines saying ‘Watch this Video’, ‘Photos’, ‘Cast Blogs’, ‘Meet the Cast’, ‘Show Shots’, a poll about the past week’s episode, and finally, ‘Hot Topics.’ The design of the site is consistent with the Bravo’s site as well as all of the other shows Bravo features. Its colorful design, fonts, and layouts are also very similar to what is seen on Bravo’s commercials on TV. Not only is the design consistent, but the site itself is very functional with tabs on the top to other Bravo shows, tabs on the side to the features of this site, and links to those same features as you scroll down the page.

The site serves as entertainment, a source of information, and allows viewers to participate. The features on this site are enough to keep people entertained for hours. There are blogs written by the cast, biographies of each cast member, games, promotional photos, clips of unseen footage, and even a Farsi dictionary. The Farsi dictionary can help viewers better understand some of the lingo that the cast uses and the cast bios give you more information about your favorite cast member. Not to forget, there are also polls you can take about your thoughts on an issue brought up in the previous episode and a discussion board where you can chat with other fans of the show. I think that features like this on a show’s website make it successful and helps add to the success of the show itself. By getting the audience involved with games, polls, and allowing them to spend hours entertaining themselves on the show’s site, Bravo has hooked their audience onto yet another reality TV show. I know that just by analyzing the website, I already can’t wait until the next episode premieres on Sunday night!

Bravo also has tabs at the top of the site to other shows they produce. Some of their shows that I used to watch faithfully like Real Housewives of New Jersey and Million Dollar Listings are featured under these tabs. Now that I’ve come to learn more about Shahs of Sunset, I’m reading episode summaries from these other shows to catch up on what I’ve missed! All the juicy details of reality shows are my guiltiest pleasures and now I know I’m going to start watching them again even though I’ve missed months’ worth of episodes. Bravo really did a great job to keep audiences entertained on their show websites and even did a great job of promoting their other shows by doing this. The only thing I wish they offered was full episodes instead of just clips so that way I could catch up on the episodes that I’ve missed!