The Infamous Tigerfest

Towson’s Tigerfest was this past Saturday (April 27th) and a good majority of Towson’s student body was in attendance or attended social events associated with Tigerfest. Tigerfest is a concert that involves multiple musical acts. This year the headliner was Kid Cudi and the other acts were The Cataracs, DJ White Rabbit, and Stacked Like Pancakes. At the event they also have moon bounce like activities, various booths sponsored by companies and clubs, and food stands.

Weeks and even months before Tigerfest occurred the Campus Activities Board (CAB) promoted the event. A couple months before the concert CAB’s Facebook page was building anticipation for the reveal of the headliner by occasionally making status’ such as ‘DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO’S COMING TO TIGERFEST?!’ This made students excited for the event before tickets had even gone on sale. There were also posters in the Residence Halls and Academic Buildings and advertisements in chalk on sidewalks all around campus. The ways that these techniques really influenced me to go was not only my love for the headliner Kid Cudi but also the fact that everyone talks about Tigerfest and how it’s the “most anticipated event of the year.” Tigerfest is commonly known by students and staff as a major weekend to party and do other mischievous activities. Through word of mouth it gets a lot of it notoriety. This is actually a very effective strategy in order to promote these kinds of events. This notoriety and connotations that go along with Tigerfest draws a variety of people. Whether you’re looking for a wholesome good time or a more explicit good time, all can have fun at Tigerfest.

I think that the ways in which this event was super effective. Not only was the advertising of this event effective, but the advertising at the event was effective as well. A few school clubs had booths as well as Domino’s, merchandisers for Kid Cudi, and there was a beer garden. The school clubs were stopping people that passed with wrist bands and tee shirts that they were giving away if you donated. Domino’s had a wheel that you could spin for free and win various prizes and they were selling pizzas and breadsticks. Then the people who were over twenty-one were able to purchases specific beer brands from the beer garden. With plenty of foot traffic and an event that lasted from 3pm to 9pm any group that was advertising their product was sure to get the attention of at least a few concertgoers.  If I was advertising the event I would have advertised ahead of time on posters and other techniques that my company would be at the concert. For example, if I worked for Domino’s I would make sure that CAB put on their posters that we would be there and selling pizza. That way maybe more students would bring extra cash to the event or not eat ahead of time so that they could buy pizza. Overall, I think that the companies and group there did a good job of advertising and that CAB did an excellent jb of advertising for Tigerfest.


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