Advertisements Di Gioia

In a previous blog I mentioned the advertisement for Acqua Di Gio fragrance for men, but the advertisement I want to talk about in this blog is the Acqua Di Gioia fragrance for women.  I see this ad everywhere! I see it in magazines, on TV, banner ads on websites, and even as an ad before I watch things on the Internet. I even saw someone post on Facebook asking the name of the song in the TV ad.  It definitely leaves an impression and puts their name in your mind.

The TV advertisement features a model wearing what appears to be a negligee running around on an island. She’s in the forest and in the rain and in the surf with music building in the background. Then what I’m assuming is the same woman’s voice it says  “Acqua di Gioia, the new essence of joy by Giorgio Armani.” This is the same ad that comes up when I’m watching videos on YouTube or movies on In the print ad and ad that appear as banners on the website it features the same model in the same kind of environment. Then there is a cut out of the perfume bottle and under it reads “Acqua di Gioia, the new essence of joy.”

I would have to guess that based on the product,  the target audience would be women anywhere from age 16 to their mid 40s. The strategy being used in this ad is not only sex appeal,but it is combined with snob appeal. The snob appeal being used here is that it features a young, beautiful model with free range of an island. It projects the stereotype of what beauty is. The ad is saying that beauty is young, thin, and the typical idea of what beauty it. When women see these stereotypes they usually  want to be like those people. That’s where the snob appeal comes in. Women think ‘If I buy this product, I will be just like the girl in the commercial.’ They associate the qualities shown in the ad to the product. The same beautiful model, Emily DiDonato is in other beauty ads (most of them are by Maybelline). This makes me immediately associate her with beauty products before I even know what the ad is for. This is also great advertising on her part and the brands part because she already had those connotations before the ad for their product has begun.

Not only is the ad effective, but the use of multimedia is effective because it’s everywhere.  The ad runs usually in the evenings on TV and can be seen anytime of day on the other mediums. This would reach the target audience. If it usually plays on networks like ABC or NBC in the evenings it would not interfere with work or school that the target audience is presumably at during the day.  This strategy is also effective because the various mediums will reach just about everyone. Just about every woman I know either watches TV, reads magazines, or uses the Internet.  Targeting their audience from every type of media outlet, everyone knows what the ad is for the second they see it.


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